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Masks and the Christian - Round 1

Wretched Radio Image.jpg

Masks and the Christian - Round 2!

Wretched Radio Image.jpg

Mask Freak-outs - Compilation

Mask Freak-outs - Compilation.jpg

Critical Theory in the Church

CRT - Church - Image.jpg

Black Lives Matter Movement

should christians support black lives ma

An Intro to Critical Theory

An intro to critical theory pic.jpg

Critical Theory is Biblical...?

Critical theory is biblical pic.jpg

Critical Theory is Practical...?

Critical theory is practical pic.jpg

A Tribute to Ravi Zacharius


God and the Coronavirus

God and the Coronavirus - A Biblical Per

Neighbors Shocked During Quarantine

Christians Shock Neighbors During Quaren

8 Reasons Why I Can't Share My Faith

8 Reasons Why I Can't Share My Faith.jpg

DEFEND LIFE - A Compilation

DEFEND LIFE - A Compilation.jpg

Fight for the Children - ChristCentric

Fight for the Children Image.jpg

Babies are Murdered Here

Babies are Murdered Here Image.jpg

Babies are Still Murdered Here

Babies are Still Murdered Here Image.jpg

The S.L.E.D. Test

SLED Test Image.jpg

Abortion Debate

Abortion Debate.jpg

What Kind of Evangelist are You?

2 kinds of evangelists.jpg

The Columbo Tactic in Action

The Columbo Tactic in Action.jpg

The Question that Stops Christians...

Koukl Video Image.jpg

A Tough Evangelism Encounter

A Tough Evangelism Encounter on a Plane

Santa vs. Jesus


Testify (Remix) - Shai Linne

Shai Linne Testify Remix.jpg

Ray Comfort and P-Nasty

Ray Comfort and P-Nasty.jpg

Testimony: David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz Testimony.jpg

Gang Member - 5 Years Later...

Gang Member - 5 Years Later....jpg

A Gift of a Bible

Penn Gillette Image.jpg

Cruel Logic: Short Film

Cruel Logic Image.jpg

The Ultimate Proof of Creation


Luke 6:31 In Action

Is Jesus the Only Way?

Luke 6.31 In Action.jpg

Everything Drama

Everything Drama Image.jpg
RC Sproul Classic.jpg

Gregory Koukl - Tactics 

Greg Koukl - Tactics.jpg

Crazy Bible

Crazy Bible.jpg

I Deserve Hell

I Deserve Hell.jpg

E.Z.'s Dialogue w/ Homosexual

Emeal Zwane.jpg

True and False Conversion

True and False Conversion Highlights.jpg

Never Give Up Your Authority

Never Give Up You Ultimate Authority.jpg

J. MacArthur / Larry King Live

John MacArthur on Larry King.jpg

The Big Questions of Life

The Big Questions of Life.jpg

Rescue the Perishing

Rescue the Perishing.jpg

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