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Equipped to ENGAGE

Equipped to ENGAGE.jpg

The Motivation to Sacrifice

The Motivation Sacrifice Pic.jpg

This Is Us

This is us Image.jpg

Having What You Need When You...

Having What You Need When You Need It Im



Defend Life

Defend Life.jpg

Seeing the Seeker

Seeing the Seeker Image.jpg

Demanding Discipleship

Demanding Discipleship Image.jpg

Repent or Perish!

Repent or Perish Image.jpg

Dealing with Difficult Disciples

Dealing With Difficult Disciples.jpg

Jesus in the Storm

Jesus in the Storm.jpg

The Parable of the Soils

Parable of the Soils.jpg

A Close Encounter of the Divine Kind

A Close Encounter of the Divine Kind Ima

A Careful Investigation to be Sure

A Careful Investigation to be Sure Image

The Formula for Forgiveness

The Formula for Forgiveness Image 4.jpg

Jesus, Kindness and Baseball


Are You Born Again?

Are You Born Again.jpg

Making A Difference

Making a Difference - Evangelism and Out

Atheists: They Don't Exist

Atheists - They Don't Exist.jpg

Faith That Works

Faith That Works.jpg

Love Has No Labels Response

Love Has No Labels.jpg

Why Are You Here?

Why are You Here.jpg

The Laborers are Few; Therefore...

The Laborers are Few Therefore....jpg

The Gospel

The Gospel.jpg

Surrendering to Win

Surrendering to Win.jpg

The Dash

The Dash.jpg

Encouragement in Corinth

Encouragement in Corinth.jpg

Responding to the Gospel of Grace

Responding Rightly to the Gospel.jpg

Takin' the Gospel to the Streets

Takin the Gospel to the Streets.jpg

Resolutions from Revelation

Resolutions from Revelation.jpg

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