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Remembering Ravi's Words of Wisdom

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We recently lost a giant of the faith. Ravi Zacharius was a brilliant apologist for the Christian faith and was most definitely a gift from God to the Church.

Whenever I think of Ravi Zacharius, I am reminded that Christianity is a thinking man's religion. His wit, wisdom and speaking style will certainly be missed.

We never want to deify any man, as Ravi would readily confess his own sin and desperate need for a savior, nevertheless a tribute is in order. When God calls one of His saints home - especially one who made significant contributions to the faith - it is entirely appropriate to honor them for their work. Understanding of course that they were simply a tool in the hand of our God and were used in a mighty way to accomplish much.

I am one of the many beneficiaries of Ravi Zacharius' life and ministry. Therefore, I compiled 20 quotes from Ravi that I would like to share here. As you read them, I hope you recognize just how much we will miss Ravi's knowledge and insight.

20 of my Favorite Quotes from Ravi Zacharius





















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