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COVID-19...Can Humor Help?

Our world is in the midst of some very unique circumstances. Not that viruses have never taken their toll on humanity before, but for those of us living in the year 2020, we ourselves haven't experienced anything like this - ever. (At least I know I haven't.)

  • People have died...

  • Others are on life support through the use of ventilators...

  • Financial stress looms heavy over the head of those out of work...

  • The economic hit we are taking as a nation...

  • Division over when to open up America again...

  • Fear is gripping many and the anxiety is real.

Can there be a time to laugh in the midst of all this? Can there be any humor, or comic relief at all? I think so. In my opinion, rightly done, humor can help.

I'm fully aware that this can be very dangerous ground. At one time or another, I bet each of us have attempted to make light of something, and it totally backfired. I hope this isn't one of those occasions for me. I just think we all could use a good chuckle right about now. In no way is this post intended to hurt or offend, but rather help. Help us cope with all that is happening around us.

Over the last month or so, I have come across some funny things out there on the World Wide Web, and I've compiled them here for no other purpose than to offer a moment of levity during a trying time.

I'm hoping my title: COVID-19...CAN HUMOR HELP? is followed by the answer...YES!

I submit these to you with the best of intentions.

My Top 10











Hang in there, God is in complete control!

I promise...next post, back to theology, apologetics and reaching the lost.