• Mike

Are You a Skeptic? May I Ask You Some Questions?

40 Questions that are not designed to start an argument, but rather a discussion.

1. If I could convince you, to your satisfaction, the reality of your Creator and Judge, would you worship Him?

2. What kind of evidence would it take for you to be convinced of the Christian worldview?

3. Do you think that you are committing a category error in looking for material evidence for an immaterial God?

4. Is it true that either the God of the Bible exists, or He doesn't?

5. In other words, is the God/not God proposition a true dichotomy?

6. Does your life have any purpose? If so, who/what gives it purpose?

7. Is having purpose in your life a good thing? Why?

8. Do you believe in an objective moral standard? If so, from where does it come?

9. What makes something "wrong"?

10. Is the God of the Bible immoral? If so, by what standard?

11. Are you familiar with the laws of logic? Are they:

· Universal?

· Immaterial?

· Unchanging?

12. Where do they come from?

13. Could you be wrong about everything you claim to know?

14. Out of all the knowledge there is in the entire universe, how much of it do you possess?

15. Can you tell me one thing that you know for certain, and how you know it?

16. Are you using your senses, reasoning and/or your memory?

17. Have any of those ever failed you?

18. Is everyone's ability to reason operating correctly?

19. How would a person know whether or not their reasoning is functioning in a way that is valid?

20. Wouldn’t they need to use their reasoning to know that their reasoning is not functioning properly?

21. Do you see the circularity?

22. If you have 1% of ALL knowledge in the universe, isn't it possible that out of the 99% that you don't know, something could contradict the 1% that you think you know?

23. Is this a true statement? In order for anybody to know anything for certain, that person would either have to have all knowledge, or know someone who does.

24. Is it possible for an all-knowing, all-powerful being to communicate things to us such that we can know them for certain?

25. Do you know what the uniformity of nature is?

26. Do you believe that nothing created everything?

27. Can something come from nothing?

28. Where did matter come from?

29. Can life come from non-life?

30. How did life learn to reproduce itself?

31. Is there information in our DNA?

32. How did it get there?

33. How can impersonal matter create personal humanity?

34. Where did intelligence come from?

35. How can the unintelligent create intelligent beings?

36. How can chaos create order?

37. Which evolved first?

· The digestive system

· The food to be digested

· The appetite for food

· The ability to find and eat food

· The digestive juices

· Or the body's resistance to its own digestive juice?

38. How do you account for?

· The appearance of design all around us

· Laws that govern our world? Like the law of gravity?

· Feelings like love and guilt?

· A desire for people to worship?

· The perseverance of the Bible?

· Radically changed lives attributed to an encounter with the living God?

39. Have you been completely honest with me?

40. Will you give some thought to our discussion?

Please feel free to provide your answers on this blog, or email me at mike@bringingtruth.com

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. God bless.