A conversation about Judgment Day with my own mother. I've kept the context of the conversation in so people can hear what it sounds like to talk about faith over breakfast. You can hear my kids chiming in at times.


The reason for these videos is to encourage other Christians to have similar conversations, and do a better job than me at sharing their faith.


So, as you listen, eat the meat and spit out the bones. And if you would please pray for my mom, I would appreciate that.


Disclaimer: These "Conversations" are audio clips of me sharing my faith. Most of them take place on the street with complete strangers, however some happen with people I know and love in normal settings like the breakfast table.


These are not intended to be tutorials. As you listen, you will hear the mistakes that I make, the things I say that I shouldn't, as well as the things I should say but don't. So in other words, I'm not saying, "Look at how I do it, and do it exactly like me."


The reason I post these is so Christians who desire to talk to people about Jesus, can see an example. Here's what it looks like to talk to friends, family and strangers about very serious matters like life and death, and heaven and hell. You can hear their objections, and how I attempt to deal with them.


These are simply examples that I hope will encourage, perhaps even equip you to do the work of an evangelist and fulfill your ministry. May God use these for His glory, and for our edification.


If you have any questions, please contact me at mike@bringingtruth.com


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