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Christianity is an adventure! At least it should be.


When we seek to love our neighbor as ourselves and attempt to meet their needs (including their deepest need - Jesus), God will put us into some adventurous situations.


Such is the case when I met Jerry and he asked me for help.


Blake Graphic.jpg

I have a conversation with a very introspective young man who was putting in work at our church to fulfill his community service.


One of my favorite conversations by far!

My favorite part 9:00 - 9:06



I like Jacob! He is an exchange student from Australia.


He was holding a sign at an event that said "Information - Ask Me Anything"


So I asked him about his spiritual beliefs.

My favorite part - 10:27 when he said, "I never thought about it that way."



We pick up the conversation with Luis and I talking about his
t-shirt - a picture of Tupac and the words "Thug Life".

We talk about music and the influence it has on us, then I share a bit of my testimony and speak briefly about Catholicism.

Edited for brevity.

Will and James

Will and James Pic.jpg

Will didn't want to partake, but James did. They tell me that they are trying to get to Lancaster, PA. So I decide to help them with a bus ticket.


As we walk to the station, we agree to have a conversation about spiritual things. James (a non-believer) is receptive, but Will (the professing Christian) isn't.


Notice how in the course of our discussion the name Jesus doesn't enter in until I bring up His name 11 and 1/2 minutes in.



Rich says that he's not a Christian. He has seen a lot of hypocrisy in the church and he doesn't want to be labeled among them.


For help in answering the charge of hypocrisy in the church, check out my blog post here: https://www.bringingtruth.com/post/th...


After taking some time to deal with the objection of hypocrisy, we learn that Rich simply doesn't want to repent. Jesus asked, "What will it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?"



Ever talk with someone who doesn't want to talk with you?

I submit to you my "conversation" with Carlton.

"Heaven is here on earth...

We all go to hell when we die...

Have a good day."



I do an interview with George, AKA the Little Black Mayor.


He doesn't think the Bible is trustworthy, and when I ask him to tell me why, he doesn't offer anything in terms of backing up that claim.


What we can learn: when someone states any position, or raises any sort of objection, it's not necessarily our job to formulate a defense, especially if no reasons have been offered from that person.



Butch is addicted to crack.


We talk and I pray for him.


My favorite part is at the end when he said he would ponder what we spoke about.


Pete Pic.jpg

Pete is a guy I met on the streets of Harrisburg. He claims to have been a criminal psychologist who worked at the White House during the Reagan administration.


He rejects the truthfulness of the Scriptures based upon some demonstrable false information. He speaks of the "King Edwards" Bible written in 1802 in NYC.


As I begin to challenge him on those statements, he decides that our conversation is over.


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