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Renee is a woman who knows that she needs the forgiveness offered only through Jesus.


I encourage her to repent of her sins and trust in the Lord for her salvation.


She says she will consider my admonition.



Nolan knows that he's not living right.


We talk about how vital repentance is to being in a right relationship with God.


Sadly, our conversation got cut short.



The tail-end of a conversation with Alexander the believer.


I ask him about "accepting Jesus".


Is there a difference between "accepting" and "receiving" Jesus?


I attempt to make my case that there is.

Raheem Part 2

Raheem Part 2 Image.jpg

A follow-up with Raheem, a devout Muslim.


We spoke by phone. I was at the church, he was at the mosque.


We discussed the major differences between Christianity and Islam, and we did it peacefully. We both hold our respective beliefs very tightly, and we each want to see the other person come to the truth.

Edited for brevity.


Elteresa Pic.jpg

A crazy conversation!


When we seek to engage with people on the street concerning the big questions of life, we meet some interesting characters. Elteresa is one of them!


Although she was certainly fun to talk with, it was very difficult to get her to stay on topic. Such that, during and after our conversation I had to ask myself, "Am I wasting my time?" I concluded that it wasn't a complete waste of time. You be the judge. Edited for brevity.


Preacher Image.jpg

Preacher is one of the most colorful characters I have ever met.

We start talking about the NBA, but then we get into his extensive past including multiple felonies and jail time.


This conversation is raw to be sure.


With regards to language, it is unedited, so parental advisory is in effect.

My Mom

My Mom Image.jpg

A conversation about Judgment Day with my own mother. I've kept the context of the conversation in so people can hear what it sounds like to talk about faith over breakfast. We're eating in a bowling alley (you can hear that in the background, including my kids chiming in at times).


The reason for these videos is to encourage other Christians to have similar conversations, and do a better job than me at sharing their faith.


So, as you listen, eat the meat and spit out the bones. 


Eddie Image.jpg

Eddie is a friend of my mother. He's helping me move her on a very snowy day in Syracuse, NY.


He and I have a conversation while driving a moving truck. This conversation may be a bit frustrating to listen to because I try to stay on point (not very successfully I might add) and Eddie seems to avoid and obfuscate many of my questions.


Nevertheless, I post this because sometimes this is how witness encounters go, and we can have them anytime and anywhere, even with people we have just met. 


Hippy Image.jpg

Hippy has been around Harrisburg for a long time. I regularly have these conversations with him in hopes that he will turn from his sins and trust in Christ.


Hippy appears to be a nice guy, and I do enjoy his company. However, he will sometimes say things that are racist (or at least borderline racist).


To this date, he has been unwilling to repent, and he is willing to spend an eternity in hell. I continue to talk with him and pray for his soul.

Hippy Part 2

Hippy Part 2 Image.jpg

Street evangelists sometimes get a bad rap for being "hit and run" evangelists. "They don't spend the necessary time to build relationships with people." That is not always a fair accusation.


Hippy is out escaping from his "religious wife", and he keeps running into me. He's beginning to grow on me, and I am enjoying my time with him. He's a character.


We talk about King David and his sin and subsequent repentance. I'll admit, this can be frustrating to listen to because the conversation goes all over the place. 


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