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How would you share your faith with a Muslim?


Listen as I talk with Raheem, and if you like, feel free to share your comments as to how you thought the conversation went. I'm always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.


I thought it was a good-natured conversation, but obviously we differ on the character and nature of God, and how God has revealed Himself to man. (click for more)

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My conversation with Jim - a Unitarian Universalist. Jim and I have very different views on the Bible. He doesn't believe that it's 100% reliable, therefore he doesn't fully trust it.


So much of our discussion centers around what we mean when we say that the Bible is inspired. At one point, Jim brings up the genealogies found in Matthew and Luke. His claim is that they irreconcilably conflict with each other. Upon further research... (click for more


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Jessica is a very nice girl. We both have a Roman Catholic background. She has been taught a lot of dogma, and she reads her Bible occasionally (on the toilet :-), but I'm not sure she fully understands how glorious the gospel is for guilty sinners like us.


Many people are taught many things from a young age, but God must open the heart! Jessica and I had a good give-and-take, so I enjoyed this conversation very much.

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Ken and I talk about Mennonites and the Amish very briefly.


For many people they think that Christianity is all about following a set of rules. Strict adherence to the Law will save no one.


It's not about what we can do for God, it's about what God has done for us!


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Ed is a friend of mine who happens to be an antagonistic atheist.


Even though we have very different worldviews, we still always have very cordial conversations. I appreciate that about him.


This conversation took place in the hospital, by his bedside, as he had just suffered a heart attack. We cover a lot of topics here, take a listen. I continue to pray for Ed.


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Ralph and I have a very pleasant conversation. Not all witness encounters need to be contentious.


Even when encountering another professing born again Christian, there are encouragements to share in hopes that the person will incorporate more of the basics into their walk with the Lord, ie. Bible reading, praying, witnessing, etc.


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This is very sad. Joe is an example of someone who doesn't understand the law / gospel distinction. We don't have to travel very far to encounter people who don't know what God has done in Christ. They are right in our own neighborhoods.


This seems to me to be an indictment on the church that Joe attends. We must witness even to church-goers, and we shouldn't assume people understand the gospel.


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Vijay is a convenience store owner who happens to be Hindu. Not only do Vijay and I have different religions, we have radically different viewpoints on truth.


Vijay is what's known as a postmodern. That is, truth is whatever you want it to be. You decide whatever is true for you and because you believe it, it becomes true for you.


Audio gets better after a minute or two.


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I met Don at the bus stop. He had some very unbiblical views regarding the afterlife.


When a person espouses such views, a good question to ask them is, "How did you come to that conclusion?"


As we began to get into it, his bus came and we had to part ways.


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George and Paul

George and Paul.jpg

My first street conversation. George and Paul are two homeless gentlemen with Roman Catholic backgrounds. George wasn't taking it very serious, however I think Paul was.


Paul says something very telling - "I said the prayer."


Once the conversation got around to sin, righteousness and impending judgment, both of them wanted to be done. Therefore, the conversation ends rather abruptly.


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