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Mike Bongo

Dedicated to the Declaration and Defense 
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Welcome! My name is Mike, thank you for visiting! 

BringingTRUTH offers:

  • My Blog
    (Apologetics, Evangelism, Objections, Current Issues)


  • Conversations
    (Evangelism Encounters)


  • Lyric Videos

  • Sermons

  • Sermon Jams


BringingTRUTH examines the big questions of life and seeks to provide truthful answers.


Questions such as:

  • How did we get here?

  • What's the purpose of life?

  • And what will happen to us when this life comes to an end?


We all have thoughts on those questions, and I would love to hear yours! Contact me!


For now, take a look around, and I hope what is offered here is helpful to you.


Thanks again for stopping by!



TRUTH Fears No Question, Challenge, or Objection
What I believe